Bold School-Chapters 5&6

September 11th--Vocabulary Programs and Direct Instruction

Objectives for the Session

  • Practice using Vocabulary Programs with high effect size.
  • Analyze Direct Instruction through Direct instruction.

Bell Work: Let's get started!

  • Open our RSM Bold School Microsoft TEAM.
  • Go to "Intro Activity."
  • Click on a slide that hasn't been chosen.
  • Complete the activity about yourself without using your name!

Sharing Teacher Icebreaker

Exploring Vocabulary Acquisition--Effect Size .62

  • Vocabulary is the foundation of all learning and should be taught in all subject areas.
  • Vocabulary Instruction is key to closing the achievement gap between socioeconomic groups.
  • Based on a study by Kirsch 2003, by age three students from wealthier families have mastered over 1,100 words, middle class families have mastered around 749 words, and poverty stricken families only around 525 words.
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition are intricately linked.
  • There is no vocabulary acquisition without picturing. This is extremely important for our ELL students.
  • Vocabulary comprehension requires content.
  • Vocabulary instruction must be formal, frequent and structured. See this article Marzano's Six Step Approach
  • Students need multiple and various exposures to uncommon words.
  • New technologies can be effective in helping students practice new words.
  • Click HERE for more Vocabulary Programs, Resources, and Games.
Frayer Model Activity

Under "Files" in our RSMS Bold School TEAM; For Quad D learning, include "Application" section so students consider other circumstances in which the word can be used for relevance.

What is Direct Instruction? Nearpod

Direct Instruction is multifaceted and intentional. It is "more than lecturing--it's a choreographed, pre-planned series of events that come together to teach new information and support students through to mastery." - Kieschnick

Go to TEAMS for Nearpod Presentation.

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