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JULY 2015

Key Dates (Thirty One Today)

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Team Announcements and Reminders!

~Team Conference Call: Tuesday, Aug. 11 @ 8:30pm (est)

Conf #: 530.881.1000

Access: 848362#

~"Better Together" August event!: Mark your calendar for our special “Better Together” event being held August 15-22!

~ New Fall Catalog begins: August 1


Becky Giles is your girl this month! Becky is from TX and came to my team about 3 years ago. I instantly enjoyed our talks and felt nothing but passion and sincerity from Becky when she spoke, wether it was about her family, her love for the Lord or her 31 business. Becky is a true ambassador for our company. She truly loves what Thirty One stands for and wants you to know the importance of 31 opportunity. I've seen her be low and I've seen her high but regardless she puts everything she has into it and never gives up! xo

Meet Becky Giles...

What is the name of your children and husband (if any)?

My husband is Joe. We have been married 32 years. I have 3 children, Brad, Brent & Brandi. Joe has a son, Nathan. All of our children are married with the exception of Brad. We have 6 grandchildren.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

I don't consider my Thirty-One Gifts business as work. My motivation is knowing that my product is quality and I can share an opportunity for others to find their motivation.

Why do you feel you are successful with Thirty One?

I am successful with Thirty-One only because I pray to God about what He wants me to do. He sends orders to me from people who refused to order in the past and they become interested in what I do. It is His business.

What is your favorite hobby outside of Thirty One?

I love to scrapbook.

What is your favorite part of your business?

My favorite part is meeting new people who are as excited about Thirty-One as I am. I love our "Sisterhood" and customers.

What has been a struggle you've overcome with your business?

Negativity. It isn't always about the money. It is about the relationships.

Who has inspired you within and outside of 31 and why?

My husband inspires me constantly to reach higher and follow my dream to become a Director one day in the future. The person who has inspired me has been, NED Heidi McKee. Heidi has taken me under her wing and taught me as if I were on her Team. She invites me to stay with her peeps at convention and adds me to other activities allowing me to gleam off of her down line.

What is your best time-saving tip?

Stay organized. Set aside a block of time each week consistently to make calls, send notes, emails, etc.

What do you aspire to make of your Thirty One business?

My goal is to become a Director and have my own Team.

Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

It is a scripture: Colossians 3:23- Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

What is your best tip for new consultants?

Take it slow in order to develop a strong team and build solid relationships.



Team Performance for May.June.July 2015:

Top in $ales PV! (500+)


SOMPHANE JONES....$4,994.00

Pam Coleman............$1,688.00

Nicole Perricelli..........$1,026.00

Tabatha Buchanan.......$779.00

Debbie Bartol............$587.00

Sherri Turner............$541.00


SOMPHANE JONES.....$1,760.00

Pam Coleman............$1,533.00

Tabatha Buchanan.......$1089.00

Nicole Perricelli..........$1,039.00

Malinda Williams.......$794.00

Becky Giles.............$664.00

Jeannette Graves.......$542


Pam Coleman......$1,242.50

Tabatha Buchanan....$1,207.00

Somphane Jones....

Becky Giles.......

Nicole Perricelli......

Top Dreambuilder!


Somphane Jones...2!


Pam Coleman.....1!


Malinda Williams....1!

Becky Giles............1!

Top Party $ ($500+)


Somphane Jones....$1,517.00, $1,448.00, $719.00

Nicole Perricelli....$1,026.00

Pam Coleman.....$535.00

Debbie Bartol....$537.00

Top in Team $ales


Nicole Perricelli.....$18,221.98

Somphane Jones....$11,486.00

Becky Giles.........$2,236.00

Pam Coleman.....$1,733.00


Nicole Perricelli.....$17,432.00

Somphane Jones.....4,736.45

Becky Giles............$2,513.00

Pam Coleman.........$1,789.00


Nicole Perricelli.....$8,289.00

Somphane Jones.....$6,052.50

Becky Giles.............$3,260.50

Pam Coleman..........$1,687.00

Top Party Girls - 2+ parties


Pam Coleman...4

Somphane Jones......4

Tabatha Buchanan.....3



Leigh's STATS:


PV - $1,390.00

Team Sales (G0) - $9,876.77

Downline Sales (G0-G4) - $96,553.97

# Parties - 2

Total in Downline - 266

Recruits - 0

Welcome to Team L.O.N.G.!!!

Dana Karels - TX

(Sponsor - Becky Giles)


NO May anniversaries!

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!

NO May Birthdays

Congratulation Start Swell earners!!!

Congrats to these ladies for working their businesses continuously since joining!

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~Additional incentives such as Reduced points for Dream Rewards and Leadership Trips!!

To become a Director you must have at least 4 PEQA's (Personally Enrolled Qualified Active consultants) plus $4,000 in total team sales which $1,000 must be from you personally.


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