Vina's Daily Reflections

About my learning in RJLee/My 4rth grade life as a Lee Spur

January 5,2015

Today was a incredible day.We got a new student!

January 8,2015

Today many foun things happened.First, we had to do a quiz!Then, we had to do 3whole due dates, but other wise, today was a incredible day.

January 11,2016

The challenge today that effected me was the 8th grade math we tried to do, but partly failed,witch means "First Attempt In Learning. It was ruff to doing it but it was fun and cool to try a new things.

January 12,2016

The best thing I thought was when we did social studies.Today our Social Studies was about the Battle of the Almo.It was so great!It was also about the Texas revelution.When ever my class does social studies,we always have a great start and a great end.Today was almost the best of this week!

January 13,2015

Today I have learned lots of interesting things about social studies,but science was funner than ever! Today in science,we just talked over the types of energy,but in social studies,we didn't change much,but if I am mistaken,many we actually did discuss a funny thing; Santa Anna got cought!

January 14,2015

Some things that I can make Mrs.W is if she notices that my class did great with the sub,that we had almost done with the the battle of the Almo,and that it almost just almost went perfect!Today I also helped Minnie fix Aaratrica's stand for her iPad,witch broke and no one knows how.But I was just happy that I got to help fix it,and I have no clue why,I just like/love to help,and fix broken,or any thing else. Today was the best day ever,even if there were some bad news and things.

January 15,2016

Today was sad,but also good enough,but the sad part was that I did'nt get to complete my expository writing,but what I had was good enough. The good part was that this day was that we had a rally,and that me and Michelle got to add very, very fun and mind taking parts in our favorite game that we always play in resses. So because of this,today was a bitter sweet day,witch is kind of great.

January 25,2015

Today was a bad day, but half was good Enough,too.but I can't explain it. It was just a bittersweet day today!

January 27,2016

Some things that I can make Mrs.W proud of me is that I had finally got finished with my flow map that was due, and I started on my real ruft draft.

January 28,2016

Today was a great day. Today we did a contest on something and we also did something cald "makey makey ".

February 1,2016

Today was a good day for me and that is because,well there no real reson! Today was just fun like all the other fun days I had when I was at school!

February 3,2016

Today was great and fun. But we had a sub today.We did the geo test today too.

February 6,2015

Today we went to the book fair and I am gonna beg my mom to buy me a diary so I can doodle and write stories and I can write and doodle in it when I am depressed!

February 8,2016

Today we did a candy including project and we had to choose a candy or chocolate and state 10 facts and 10 opinions about the candy or chocolate,for me,it was really hard to pick a candy or chocolate!

February 10,2016

Today I did reflex math, and I finished before everyone! Yay!!!!!!! I got all of them right, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 11,2016

Today I did reflex math and I also did 7th grade mathematics! Michelle gave me her teddy bear,and her name was Snowflake.She is soooooooo cute!

February 16,2016

Today was a great day. Today was a great day to me because I got a 96 percent in reflex! I was sooooooooooooo happy!:):):):):):):) Just like I did before,now I love reflex math even more!:):):):):):)

February 17,2016

Today was a good day for me. Today I learned about metric units. Now I love metric units. Mrs. Williams also made us a paper that tells us about the metric units. She said to act like its our best friend and to take care of it. I hope I have a good day tomorrow,too.

P.S: Today's Aaratrica's birthday! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

February 18,2016

The best part of my day was when me and my class did reflex math,because I feel like I did really good at it and that I think I got almost 100 persent! I am soooooo happy about that!:):):):):):):):):):)

February 19,2016

Today was a great day.and I mean that!today was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!today we did many great things.we did a challenge,I had a fun and crazy resses and lunch.thats soooooooooogreat!and guess what!i just got a candy/chocolate!:):):):):):):)

February 4,2016

The word I chose was sad . I chose this word because most of the day was alittle sad. Today, Aaratrica's crystal healing necklace broke and she was crying the whole resses, someone else was crying, and all of that made the most of the day sad for me. Bur now every thing is okay.