Our Lives Today

The biggest parts of our lives now

Social media is a big part of us today. Social media is a great way to meet new people and learn new things. Social media is a big part of us today. Social media also has its down fall, when it comes to exploiting people and embarrassing people. Our generation revolves around the internet, looking at our smart phones every 5 minutes . Even when we need directions somewhere we also need social media for addresses .When it comes to Instagram, twitter, Myspace, vine, and google, there so much more too social media now .You get updates to new movies, music, and shows threw social media. Social media is the news, gossip, even weather .In social media it has its own kind of literature. They call it media literature, and it is mostly showing the ins and outs about social media. It shows what is good for you and can also show how harmful social media can really be. It shows what to watch out for what, and what not to post. It mainly shows you what you put on social media it is never going to be. Threats, nudity, bulling, can all be print snap shot and sent to principals, teachers, and police. Anything that is put up or posted from you can be traced back to you. To me media literature is class that teaches us to be responsible, and to watch our actions. Teaches us to really pay close attention to things we post, as of pictures, links, and messages.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

"Puppy Love"

In the Budweiser commercial “Puppy Love” (2014), said that "if you love something or someone you wouldn’t let them go." the Budweiser's commercial showed a unbelievable friendship between a horse and a puppy. Budweiser points out of the video, were that when your best friends you will do any and almost everything to stay close to each other. Budweiser’s’ commercial expressed an distinct tone for their Superbowl viewers, that when your in love with something or someone you will do just about anything to keep the relation strong.

Ring fighter sues real fast

Ring fighter sues real fast

James bond, staff reporter

Wed march 12, 2014

Nevada – Boxer in USA rocky balboa makes an average of $10 million a fight, rocky falls down the steps coming out of the ring trying to be very flamboyant for his win, says the referee official, forcing the heavy weight champ to sue MGM.

Ambulance were called immediately to the MGM in Las Vegas, regarding the heavy weight champion of the world, hearing rocky was trying to be very flamboyant with winning his 3rd national heavy weight title. On the arrival of the ambulance were shocked to see a world champ needing a ambulance for a mild sprained ankle. The audience made it no better with their rambunctious repeated laughter towards the champ, forcing to sue MGM for falling down there stairs.

“The heavy weight champ, after winning his 3rd title, falls down the steps coming out of the ring acting very flamboyant manner,” investigators says the sweet from the fighters chin dripped on the step forcing him to slip and sprain his ankle. With the evidence that has been brought to the light, gave rocky the green light to sue for not having non slip steps.

2Pac - Trapped

1984 - song relation

The song I choose to relate to the book 1984 is Tupac- trapped. I felt like this song related to being trapped in a society that is being control, and they have limited rights to do what they want. Even though our world isn’t as bad as 1984 there are some situation that are very alike. When Winston had got from the thought police for having a thought against their government related to the song trapped, when Tupac explained in his about him just walking down the street and getting harassed by police for nothing.”You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion Happiness, living on the streets is a delusion.” This verse from Tupac’s song trapped, relates to 1984, with big brother having Winston trapped in prison in a isolated environment. “They got me trapped Can barely walk the city streets Without a cop harassing me, searching me Then asking my identity.”, this verse from Tupac in his song relates to 1984, when Winston knew he was being watched from the thought police, and has to watch what he say or he will go to the prison and be harassed and tutored. The reason I mainly believe that this song relates to 1984 is, because we all think we have been watched before and have been harassed before, either from our parents, teachers, principals, and cops, so we can relate to the song and to the book.

The Recap

Looking through my past reflection on smore I noticed the media literature is a big part of our lives every day. We depend on media literature, so much that we wait to the news comes on TV or on our phones, instead of reading it in a newspaper. We wait to watch the lead story on social media instead of TV. Looking back at my first smore, it took a very big impact on me for what I do on social media, and what to control, and to know my boundaries. In my first smore learning how putting something on social media can result in a negative impact. for an example, say I’m mad at someone on social media, and instead of talking to them about it, I go off on them on twitter, that’s starting a fight that can lead to them telling on me. In media literature I learned so much. Taking media literature taught me how to use schoology and smore, it even taught me how to check my work and to really follow each step. Media literature also taught me a big thing that I need further in life, and that is to annotate my papers. When I learned to annotate my papers it help to find out the real meaning of my story’s. This class has a very noticeable difference to all language art classes I’ve took in my years through school. This Media literature class has its own distinct methods of teaching us about media literature, with not taking test but reflect on each thing we learn to fully understand it. If I became the teacher of this class there would be no changes needed on the methods, but I would change the stuff we learned about to a more modern version of it. What I mean is changing the movies, the books, the articles, to a more modern confinement, that we student can relate to and better understand.