Help Horse Abuse

Horses need it.

Horse Abuse is a Problem.

Every year tens of thousands of Horses are abused/mistreated and killed. When people stand around and let their animals suffer, is cruel and uncalled for. People will take their anger and frustration out on their animals. Eventually, there won't be many horses left due to starvation and abuse. Once something is gone it's gone, it won't come back.


If animal abusers are found they should be addressed, if the abuse is not very severe, they can be given one chance. If they choose to ruin that chance their animals are taken away, and the person is not allowed to have anymore animals. If the abuse is to a severe amplitude, then the owner gets no chance at all, animals are taken away and jail is a factor for both of these kinds of people.

Who would be against this cause?

People who feel as though it's right to mistreat your animals at all. Depending on how an owner feels can determine whether or not they abuse their animals. They depend on their animals to be there to be able to take their anger out on something and not someone. This cause is almost like a slavery cause, if a slave acted up their were typically whipped, beaten, and other severe punishments.