Are we really alone out there!

By Peter Finlay

The Thing

The following events happend this morning in the small town of Bangor where a massive ball of fire crashed into the marina and dried up all the water. The water for some reason started to reseaded back in but stoped and you could see the water climbing up higher and higher to getting back to the original depth but there was something stoping it as if there was a wall blocking it from coming back into the marina. Then a black shpere shaped object started to float into the sky. Then a humungous rocket blasted out from the top of it into the sky and a few moments later the rocket hit a plane then the debri was falling to the ground. Many people ran away to the nearest shop and got to the lowest point of the building which was the basement of the coffe shop. Unfortunatley the basement couldnt hold evry person and some people were left outside. 25 people died as they were hit by plane debri. Then the sphere extended four long flexible metal arms and started to patrol the the streets. The sphere now on rampage down the streeets of Bangor was destroying anything or anyone in its path. After a few hours the whole of Bangor was nearly gone the only buildings left were the Flagship and the Coffe shop with all the people in the basement. The sphere eventualy stoped and landed in the middle of the street and sucked the arms into itself again. The people in the coffe shop thought that evry thing had stopped outside so they periously crawled out of the shop. The thing detected movement and sprung back into action. Once again the thing was on a rampage except the thing didn't kill anyone as it just picked them up and chucked them in side itself. The thing is on a rampage now without stop and is going from village to vilage, town to town and city to city
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The meteor hitting the water

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The Black sphere rising to the sky