PBIS Clipchart


Trey will stay on green when he:

stays on task

stays in seat

completes work

is kind to others


Trey's clip chart will go with him wherever he goes.

Trey will be taught through PBIS appropriate behaviors to stay at green "ready to learn" and clip up.

He will be told consequences of inappropriate behaviors such as clipping down.

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Teachers will record when Trey's clips up or down and why. A weekly or daily report will be sent home. More intensive interventions will be done as needed based on data.


A large clipchart will be used for all students in their homeroom. Every student will be taught appropriate behaviors through PBIS. Parents will be aware of PBIS and the clipchart. They will have the opportunity to use it at home as well.
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Positive Reinforcement

Trey (and others) will be rewarded when he spends the majority of his day on "ready to learn". Students will receive praise for displaying appropriate behaviors.
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