The Digital Café

Where does technology take you?

What's it all about?

The Digital Café is an opportunity for students and staff to share best practices while demonstrating how they utilize technology to enhance learning and understanding. Don't miss your chance to share your ideas and practice your presentation skills or just stop by to learn more.

Join your colleagues and peers...

as they share ideas for integrating technology into the classroom.

What technologies do you use to learn? What technologies make your learning or teaching experiences more meaningful?

Tech Integration at the High School

Google Apps for Education

Guaranteed to be a great experience!


What are the goals of the Digital Café?

To promote and share the ways that you use technology to make learning more fun and meaningful,

To hone your presentation skills, and

To collaborate with friends and peers on school projects

What is expected of me?

Complete an online application so that we know you are interested.

Present a cool technology idea, help with tech support, conduct surveys, or promote the event.

Presentations are during C block unless otherwise noted. Participants are responsible for making up any missed work.

Non-presenters may be needed at the end of B block and the beginning of D block to assist with setting up and break down. Assistants are responsible for making up any missed work.

How can I get involved?

Complete our online application so we know who you are, what you want to share, and which events you are interested in. You can sign up for more than one event. :-)

When are the Digital Cafés?

There will be 4 Digital Cafés each on a Wednesday, during C block.

#1 November 2

#2 February 1

#3 March 15

#4 May 3

Why would I want to help?

  1. Others will benefit from your awesome tech ideas that you could share.
  2. Certificate of participation.
  3. Some teachers give extra credit.
  4. Beef up your college resume.
  5. Because that is how you roll! ;-)
  6. You could win a raffle prize.

Thank you for considering sharing your ideas!

Who should I talk to?

Audra Kaplan

Digital Learning Coach

Google Certified Trainer