Berlin Metropolitan School News

Friday 19th February, 2016

Upcoming Events at BMS January/ February 2016

Monday 22nd February - Grade 2 - 5 Digital Workshops begin.

Thursday 25th February - Grade 3 - 5 Outward Bound Camp presentation 18.00

Wednesday 2nd March - Roundtable: Assessment for Learning

Thursday 3rd March - World Book Day

Tuesday 8th March - Parent Information Evening - BMS Building Project

Thursday 17th March - school ends at 13.00 for all students.

Friday 18th March - Spring holidays begin - no school

Upcoming Field Trips in the Primary School!

Monday 22nd February - Grade 5a & 5c visit to the Reichstag.

Wednesday 24th February - Grade 5a, 5b, 5c & 5d visit to Ai Wei Wei´s Art studio and Grade 4a visit to science centre spectrum.


Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 3:45-5:30pm

122 Linienstraße


Look who has moved in right next door! The HABA Digitalwerkstatt! They offer all kinds of courses and workshops in how to use digital technology for creative design. You’ll be working with 3D Printers and Sphero robots, like Star Wars’ BB-8!

We’re open from 3.45pm until 5.30pm in the cafeteria, so come by any time and meet the neighbours!

Preparing for Book Day 2016

2a students created story boxes for The Big Book Challenge!

Student Council Book Exchange

Thursday, March 3rd, 3-4:30pm


Berlin, Berlin

Students in the Primary School can participate in a Book Exchange during World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. Students can bring in used books in any language to their classroom and receive a maximum of two tokens to then ´spend´after school at the Book Exchange in the cafeteria. This will be run by Student Council and CCEP.

Support our Home Language program and Library by donating books in many languages!

You can drop used books into the collection box at reception during the coming week. Thank you for your support!

#RAK Week Random Acts of Kindness

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The Secondary school joined us for assembly this week and shared a video about their #gangupforgood project and their Kindness Wall to mark International Random Acts of Kindness Week. It was lovely to welcome Secondary students and teachers to share this with us!

5c Putting International Random Acts of Kindness into Action!

Ms. Gerth's 5c class giving beautiful self-made tulips to the kitchen team as an act of kindness to say thank you.

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2a Exploring money from around the world!

2a students brought in money from around the world to show their classmates various currencies. They looked at the style and learned about how each currency has its own value.

Today, 3c visited the Markisches Landbrot bakery. We learnt about organic farming, saw how different types of bread are made and learnt about how the bakery supplies bread to supermarkets and businesses in Berlin.

Art with Frau Fellhauer

Grade 3a students looked at the art work from Picasso, and created their own Cubism Heads. They used oil pastels. They did a good job and produced amazing results!

Grade 2 students did Styrofoam printing. They used pictures of their choice to create and print 3-4 pictures. The students had a lot of fun!

Developing Good Research Skills in Grade 3d!

Students in 4th Grade have been exploring multiple forms of technology as a way to support and encourage learning.

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Grade 4a have been researching global warming and the chain of consequences associated with wasting energy.

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Students bring in money from around the world and show it to their classmates!