By:Natalie Liberati

Average Weather

In the Summer it is warm and at the beginning of the summer storms are rare but towards the end there are lots of thunderstorms.

In the Fall it is quite cold with lots of rain and fog.

In the Winter it is cold and snow and rain fall, falls at moderate levels.

In the Spring the temperature climbs back up and there is little rain fall so it is perfect for tourists.

What I Learned

There are two major rivers in Barcelona, the Llobregat River and the Beśos River. A mountain Range in Barcelona is the Serra De Collserola. One of the Tallest peaks in Barcelona is the Tibidabo Peek. Barcelona is the Second largest city in Spain. It has the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean sea.Barcelona is today, one of the world's largest tourist,economic, and cultural sports center. The founding of Barcelona,first attributes to the founding of the city of the mythological Hercules. The second legend attributes to the foundation of the city directly to the historical Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal. In 1137, Argon and the County of Barcelona merged in dynastic Union from the marriage of Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronilla of Argon. IN the 18th century a fortress was built on Montjuic that overlooked the harbor and was used by the French Astronomer Pierre Francois Andre Mechain.

Where is Barcelona?

Barcelona is in the North Eastern corner of Spain.