Greek Mythology

Learn all about the Greek gods

Greek Gods

There were many gods and goddesses but they all had different unique powers and some of them were good and some of them were bad. Zeus was a very important god because he was the ruler of all the gods and goddesses.

The three brothers

Their were many things gods and goddesses controlled like Zeus controlled the sky, Poseidon controlled the water, and Hates controlled the underworld but Hates was not happy with Zeus and Poseidon for trapping him in the underworld and he planed to bring Kronos which was the one who wanted to kill all the gods and get his revenge and ever since Hates has tried to bring Kronos back to life but Zeus and Poseidon have stopped him.

Some people ask how did the three main gods figure out what they were going to rule?

When Zeus defeated his father Kronos Poseidon and Hates came out his stomach and they chose out of a bag what they would control Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the sea, and Hates got the underworld.

Those were the Greek Gods and Monsters!

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