The Secret Life of Bees

Sue Monk Kidd, Chapter 1

Quote 1

"Time folded in on itself then. What is left lies in clear yet disjointed pieces in my head. The gun shining like a toy in her hand, how he snatched it away and waved it around. The gun on the floor. Bending to pick it up. The noise that exploded around us. This is what I know about myself. She was all I wanted. And I took her away." (Pages 7-8)
Lily is lonely because she doesn't have a real mother in her life. SHe doesn't have anybody to help or guide her in her life besides Rosaleen. The only memory she has of her mother i the day she was killed.

Quote 2

"This will sound crazy, but up until then I thought T. Ray probably loved me some." (Page 25)
Lily's father acts like she's not even there. He shows resentment towards her because of what happened when she was younger. He abuses her physically, mentally, and emotionally, and he shows more love for his dog than her.

Quote 3

"By then Rosaleen lay sprawled on the ground, pinned, twisting her fingers around clumps of grass. Blood ran from a cut beneath her eye. It curved under her chin the way tears do." (Page 33)
Rosaleen was being disrespected for no reason, and so she felt the need to act against the white men. When she "wrote" on their feet, they felt that she was out of line and they thought that they needed to take matters into their own hands.

Kendra Barber and Kathleen Voss

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