The Life of Mr. Mitty

Adam O'Brien


The text structure the author uses defines the the character of mitty as a victim of being pushed around

claim 1

First walter is always getting yelled at his wife that over powers him. she yelled when he was speeding down the road because she thought he was going to fast. finally she was yelling at him when she could not find him when he was in the seat of the hotel.
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claim 2

first the parking lot attendent makes walter look like a fool. Next he tells walter to back up but then makes him get out. Finally the attendent parks the car in faster than the time it took himm to get in.
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claim 3

First a lady walking down the street laughs at him for saying puppy biscuits out loud. next she was thinking that he was crazy. finally she said mean things about him.
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Walter should start standing up for himself and not get pushed around.
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