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Animal Breeder

Description: Animal breeders select and breed animals using their knowledge of genetics and animal science to produce offspring with traits and charecteristics. Breeders might be bitten or kicked. (This actually makes the job harder.)

Career benefit and and education

Animal Breeding benifits the world by helping a family settle on a ideal breed of dog for their lifestyle. Future Animal Breeders are recommended to have a bachelor or graduate degree in animal science. Courses that Animal Breeders normally take is genetics, animal breeding, and animal physiology. Workers of this job are suppose to have patience, curiosity, diligence, and problem solving skills.  Although do you want to be an Animal Breeder?


Minimum wage: $15,080, US mean annual wage: $45,230, Animal Breed: $34,930, Projected job growth (2010-2020) declines slowly or moderately(-3% to -9%)

Companies that hire

Cargill and National association of animal breeders.