Mumbai Slums

By Allison Geszvain


Dharavi is known as the largest slum in Asia. It is in the middle of Mumbai. A slum is a over crowded area with poor people living in it. The slum in Dharavi (Mumbai Slums) has about a million people squished into an acre of land. Car horns are constantly honking and people are always moving.
INDIA - MUMBAI (PART 1) - SLUMS documentary movie

Life in the Slums

Life in the slums of Mumbai are very tough and people work a lot. People in Mumbai live in poverty and unemployment. The health in the slums is not well and the homes and streets have lots of trash. Many of the people living there do not have a good education either.
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People of Dharavi

Many of the people who live in the Dharavi Slums will say that they built it. When you look around you can sort of tell that's true. The houses are made of big pieces of tin foil or scraps that they find. There is about 18,000 people living in one acre of the slums. Now, lots of houses have access to water but, before it was not like this and water was scarce.
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