D-Day Invasion


D-Day was the largest naval, air, and land operation in history. D-Day Invasion (air) was located in Normandy, France. The battle started on June 6, 1944, and lasted until mid July 1944.
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Who was involved?

There were a total of 13 Allied Countries involved in D-Day Invasion but, the main three were the Untied Kingdom, United States, and Canada.
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Generals involved:

General Eisenhower of the USA was the overall commander for the allied team. Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery was the commander of the Operation Overload.

Goals for the battle:

One of the goals was to defeat the Japanese. Another one was to to gain a strong position in France and begin pushing back the Germans.

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Key Military Tactics were:

One of was to glider bourne troops. They wanted to combined parachutists to land behind the beaches. They also wanted to seize key points.


The outcome of this battle is that the Decisive Allied Victory.

Long Lasting Impact:

A long lasting impact from this battle was that the Germans were surrounded by Allied Forces. This battle showed Germans that we were unstoppable.
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