The Game

By: Terry Schott


The Game, is a book about a world where kids 6-18 go into a virtual game of life. They live as many lives as they can buy. You earn credits inside the game for playing well. A good player could continue to play and buy extra boosts while a bad player would not have enough credits to pay. The better you do in the game as a kid the more money you will receive when you turn 19. The goal of the game is to teach kids how to live a good life and be successful before they actually do it in real life (Schott).

Zach is going in for his final play. He is currently 2nd overall in ranking. He could play his last game safe and be a very wealthy person or risk it all and go for the number one spot. He and his mentor Brandon decide to go for it all. He is entered into the game with the name Trew and is not view able by the public until he is 8 years old. When he is 8 he meets a girl named Danielle in the game, his ex-girlfriend in real life. They become really close friends but they live two hours away from each other. They are always on Skype with each other. When they are about 13 Danni proposes an idea that their life is just a game. They both agree with this and live their lives like that.

Danni moves to around Trew and they begin to date, promising they will always be friends first. Soon later they get married and Danni is pregnant. One day Trew came home to her to see her lying on the floor unconscious. He rushes her to the hospital. The doctors say she will die for sure. After about a week of her on life support an eternal, the angels inside the game heals her, but she has lost her baby.

She tells Trew how she was visited when she was in her comma and was told to spread the belief of life being a game. They start to spread the religion around the world. Very soon they have over 10 million followers of the "Game is Life" religion. Trew gives speeches about every weekend to gain followers. One weekend in a beech city he gives a speech. A strange man follows him into an elevator after. He is an infernal, the opposite of an eternal. He stabs Trew with a sever spike so he will die in the real world.

Brandon is shocked. They bought boosts so he would live past 70 but he died at 40. He was currently ranked around 6,000. When Brandon asks Michelle what place he finished in, she responds, "number one, sir."



  • Zach comes out of his last play
  • Zach is in second place
  • Learn about what the game is

Rising action:

  • Zach is sent inside the game as Trew
  • Trew meets Daniele inside the game
  • Trew visits Daniele and they kiss
  • They start to date at 17
  • Get married at 23
  • Spread a religion on "The game is life"
  • Trew gives a speech and a strange man follows him into the elevator


  • Trew and the man are in an elevator
  • Trew is stabed by a sever spike
  • He dies in the real world


  • Trew leaves a big impact on the world behind him
  • Because he left a big impact and had lots of viewers he finishes in first place


The theme of my story is to not jump to conclusions and amuse something will happen.

In my story Brandon is sure Trew will live until 70 but the small chance of him not happened. He died at 40 years old and their longevity credit boost did not work.

Non-Fiction source

The Sims

I chose the sims because it is a video game that simulates real life. In my book kids are sent into a game to learn about life.

  1. People play do you have a good life inside the game
  2. According to the maker of Sims players have to make decisions on what they want to do which will affect the outcome of their life
  3. They are born into a suburban area city
  4. Players have six lifestages from an infant, old age, and death
  5. Players make goals of which they would like to accomplish inside the game