December 17 and December 18 in Reading & Language Arts Class

You and your partner(s) will be presenting your assigned Learning Targets! Your grade (AND YOUR AUDIENCE) will be determined on how well everyone learns your target. You will need all materials and an appropriate text for your mini lesson. You will have 10-15 minutes to get your target TAUGHT!

Learning Targets

1. I can analyze and contrast the structures of poems, stories, and dramas.

2. I can analyze how a written drama contrasts with other media.

3. I can explain the characterization in drama (static, dynamic, protagonist, antagonist, and archetype).

4. I can contrast how two authors communicate the same topic.

5. I can compare two or more cultural celebrations.

6. I can explain key elements of the structure of drama (soliloquy, dialogue, monologue, and stage directions).