Plato and Sophocles

Two Great Greeks -by KRITHI

( Philosophers & Writers )

Who are Plato and Sophocles? Why are they important?

Plato and Sophocles are two great greeks who played a major role in

philosophy and writing.Their works have influenced us and have given us a lot of ideas in the fields of philosophy and writing.


The Athenian philosopher plato is one of the most important people in the Ancient greek world .He was a wealthy rich man. After spending time in army,he became a student of Socrates.After his tutor died ,Plato traveled to Italy and egypt and studied with brilliant philosophers like Archytas and Tartenum.

A great accomplishment of Plato was the academy -a- school he founded in about 387 bc. This became a famous institution of learning . It taught philosophy, mathematics, art, drama, sciences and lots of encouraged research.

The Ancient Greeks by Allison lassieur ;a division of Scholastic Inc. 2004, page 44.

Plato quotes:


The Ancient greek poet and tragic dramatist,Sophocles lived from 496 Bc to 406 Bc.He was the son of Sophilus , a wealthy manufacturer. Sophocles studied tragedy under Aeschylus.He gained his first victory after defeating his teacher subsequently in the dramatic festival of 468 B.C. His descendents were also tragedians - his son iophon and his grandson Sophocles the younger.
Unlike his rival Euripides, he acquired a favorable public very early. In the dramatic competitions 24 of his teralogies (each comprising 3 tragedies and a play) were probably successful. 7 of his tragedies have survived - Ajax, Antigone, Oedipus Rex, Electra the Trachinian women, Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus(His last play performed after his death). Sophocles died just before the catastrophic end of the Peloponnesian war.

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