Eggy's 50ft Drop

Shelby Andrus

Our Problem

Mr. Landers our teacher gave a class project to do. first we had to pick a partner than work with them to find out how we were going to make a contraption to help a real egg survive from a 50ft drop.


At first, Me and my partner Andraya sketched out what we were kinda going to make it like. We were confused and worried about how we were going to make are egg live from a 50ft drop from a fire truck.

Choosing How To Solve The Problem

Me and my partner solved are contraption by testing it out by standing on a table about 5ft up in the air and dropping are egg Eggy and seeing what we needed to do to make it better than it was before. We also improved a lot by adding onto the egg each time to are contraption.

How To See If Our Design Would Work

My group used a plastic egg and filled it up with marbles and than dropped it from the 5ft table to test it out to see if the plastic egg would crack. After we had to problem solve how we could make are contraption better by using more materials Mr. Landers gave us.

Adjustments We Made To Are Contraption

We made a lot of adjustments to are contraption to make it more useful for the 50ft drop from a fire truck. First we added a zip lock bag at the top of it like a parachute to catch some air so it wouldn't go as fast. Second we made a egg holder with cotton balls inside of it so when It drops it protects are egg Eggy from breaking. Also we made two big squares in the card board to make the zip lock bag catch the air.

Are Final Design

Me and my partners final design was a contraption that looked almost like a kite but a little different. We had used card board, 2 rubber bands, string, zip lock bag, tape. Next ill explain how we used the materials. We used the card board for the two square big holes we cut in it to make it catch the zip lock bag that was connected by string above the card board to catch air so i'd go alot smoother, then we used the 2 rubber bands to connect the holder for the egg so it wouldn't fall out and crack, last we used the tape to hold the cups better. That day we tested it out before the day came that we had to drop are contraption from a fire truck that was 50ft up.. And then you hear me and my partner's name get called and we seen it come down smooth and slowly and all my partner and I hear is slashhh!