Caitlin And The Rhythm Discovery!

What our class learned about the art of sound.

The Discovery Of Rhythm.

On Tuesday November 3rd

Mrs. Bachman's class went to the Rhythm Discovery Center. We learned that sound has to have vibration to make noise, It was fun. My favorite instrument was a tam tam. Dan our guide person showed us around the Rhythm Discovery Center. I want to go back to the Rhythm Discover Center. I hope I will learn and see more things about sound. I loved the field trip. I want to go back and learn more. I hope we are going back to the Rhythm Discovery Center.

The drum's

The Tam Tam was my favorite drum. I wonder what your favorite drum was? I want to learn more. I had a lot of fun and a lot of noise in the place. It was really hard to hear in there. I hope we go back, It was great. I hope I have more to learn about sound. I would love it if you went to the link to learn more about the trip, and you might see some photos of me and my class and maybe my teacher. I hope you have fun!
Rhythm discovery center!!!

Want to know more?Then click here! I hope you have fun!