Sipley School Weekly Newsletter

Week of Monday, November 17, 2014

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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

Zig Ziglar

American Education Week

Next week is American Education Week where we pause and celebrate our public schools. Sipley School give thanks to everyone that supports public education.

Our teachers and staff do their best for all of our students. I get to see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Our Sipley staff work extremely hard, put in countless hours, spend a lot of their own money on our children, care for our children, and share concern when they struggle to help children because they want so badly to help all children learn and grow. Some of you may not know, but no matter what grade a teacher is teaching, some have a span of abilities that may cross many grade levels. For example, when I taught third grade, I had students who were in my class just learning how to read and some who were reading at a high school equivalency. Our teacher's have the same situation here at Sipley. Their work is commendable.

We are going to celebrate American Education Week as follows:

Monday: We begin the week celebrating how we all work together as a team so that our students our successful. Students are asked to wear a team jersey to support American Education Week.

Tuesday: Students will be given time to write about a celebration they had while learning or achieving something new this year.

Wednesday: Students will be given the opportunity to write thank you notes for any staff members that help them succeed throughout their day. Educational Support Personnel is being recognized for all the work they do for students and staff (teaching assistants, secretary, health aide, library aide, custodians, title I teaching assistants, and lunchroom supervisors).

Thursday: Book donations will be made at all schools to their Learning Resource Centers as a gift from the Woodridge Education Association.

Friday: Classrooms will discuss how our community and its citizens contribute to their learning and the education system. Show your spirit by wearing Sipley Wear!

Please take a moment to read President Obama's Proclamation:

Dear Parent: About THAT Kid...

Here is a heart-felt story that I read recently. I appreciate the comment from a Josh Sanders - Everyone is concerned and wants the best for THAT kid...

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled for November 24 and 25. If you do not know the time of your parent-teacher conference, please contact your child's teacher. Your attendance is important.

Report Cards

Report cards went home today. Please remember that the report card serves as one instrument that provides feedback to students and parents on student learning. At the elementary age, students begin to shape their own view of them self and their perception of their ability to succeed in school as determined by the grades they receive on report cards. The most beneficial thing to come from report cards is the explicit explanation that can provide students and parents with opportunities for improvement. Please ask your child if they know what they need to do to improve. If they are unclear, this is a topic of discussion between parent and teacher.

Let's work in concert to help our children develop a positive view of themselves through a growth mindset. Everyone can learn from mistakes and keep faith in themselves in the face of failure. Grades should only serve to inform us and never to hurt or define us.

Writing Grades

Keeping with the theme of using grades to inform us, our writing grades were based on four levels: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic. We launched a new writing curriculum that align to high expectations of/for our writers. The level of work required to reach advanced and in some cases proficient levels of writing will require more time and practice. Please refer to the letter that went home regarding writing.

School Report Card

I will share information about our School Report Card on Wednesday, at our STP meeting, beginning at 6:45. You can view our Report Card here -

PARCC Testing

Our students in grades three through six will take part in PARCC testing in March (Performance Based Assessment) and in May (End of Year Assessment). Students will be assessed in areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. This test replaces the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). The link below will allow you and your child to gain familiarity with the PARCC End of Year Assessment. I also shared a document containing Frequently Asked Questions regarding PARCC.

Here is a Glance at the Week Ahead

Monday - Board of Education Meeting - JJHS - 7:30

Tuesday - No Cook Night - Papa's Pizza

Wednesday - Navigating American Education System Meeting for Bilingual Parents (Kindergarten through Grade 3) - JJHS - 6:00

Wednesday - STP Meeting in the Sipley Gym at 6:45

Thursday - Last day of after school clubs, session 1

Thursday - School-wide celebration to recognize our contributions to a positive learning environment

Thursday - Family Reading Night - Sipley Gym - 7:00 p.m.

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