Grace Andrew

Lucy's Wish

Joan Lowery Nixon

The Orphaned Girl

The Historical Fiction book named Lucy's Wish is based on a girl named lucy and her mother and father had just died and lucy lives on the streets of New York City and she hears about this Orphan Place where people gather around and they adopt kids but the mother that lucy wished for is ugly and cruel and her sister that she wished for is not the sister she is.

My opinion on this book is that It is really interesting and this book has alot of cliff hangers. I would recommend this book because 1 She has alot of challenges in her life,2 Her story is very interesting, 3 It gives alot of information about her life.

The setting of the book is New York City and the date was During world war 2.

The problem in the book was that Lucy needed a family and when she went to the station to look for a family nobody took her and didn't want her.

The solution is she has a family but her mom does not like her but, she tries to fit in and now her family loves her.

" I will never give up''. That quote impacted me because once in one of my basketball games I was going to give up because I was doing bad and my coach encouraged me not to give up and do my best and that is one quote that impacted me.