Internship Update :)

Hello to my wonderful support family :)!

I hope this e-mail update finds you in good health and experiencing the joy of the Lord in your life.
The end of this internship is fast-approaching!! It is absolutely mind-blowing just how quickly this year has flown by. Our graduation day is June 26 and we just started this internship yesterday!!!!

Well...not yesterday, but you get what I mean.

I apologize for not writing in so long! Because so many things have happened since my last newsletter to you all, this one will be filled with pictures!

Kairos weekend retreat for SWEAT youth!

All interns served at this retreat (there are two every year), and we all had a blast! These teenagers were genuinely encountering the living God!
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Started a core group!

Jesus had His inner circle (Peter, James, and John), and now I have mine! I've known these three ladies for a few years now :)

The four of us are dedicated to growing in our commitment to time spent with God (or, the “Blazing Inferno of the Ages,” who sets those who draw near to Him on fire for Himself and His passions), in our servant leadership, and in our identity in Christ!

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Religious Expo at Santa Fe College

Missions and Local Outreach interns were given the privilege of repping Jesus (and Greenhouse) at Santa Fe College for their bi-annual religious expo. Students come from all over campus to learn about different religions.
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EASTER at Holly Heights!

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Holly Heights Easter 2016
Please excuse the shakiness of this video!! But here's a little glimpse at our Holly Heights Easter event.

[ Don't worry. We told them the REAL meaning of Easter :) ]

Summer Internship Prep

Our year-long internship ends with us helping lead the Summer Internship, where essentially all of the things we've learned this past year get put to the test. We have been training with Eric on how best to serve and grow with these new interns, and we are excited to see what God will do in their lives!!
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Reviewing Summer Internship "syllabus" with Eric (on left!)
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Beach day with all of the interns, following our long training week :)

Other Stories!

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Took this little one out for Moe's and brought her to Greenhouse's youth group SWEAT one Wednesday evening after kids church. She absolutely loves it and always waits for Wednesday to come around so she can go!
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This past Friday, Greenhouse Missions livestreamed Secret Church 2016, a simulcast led by pastor David Platt. Real secret churches take place all over the world in countries that are closed to the Gospel and where Christians must meet in secret. This year's topic addressed the 6 major "religions" of the world (Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Atheism, and Christianity), and David Platt walked us through their origins, core beliefs, and how to effectively reason with them so that they might know Christ.

This was truly a great moment for me. Meeting people where they are in their beliefs and showing them Christ from that point is a passion of mine, and I have a passion to grow in that area (skill?) for the sake of the Gospel.


Not too long ago, I met an older gentleman at CYM coffee who follows astrology, says Jesus is his "main Man," but does not believe the Bible is an accurate source by which we can know God. He says he has been feeling very strongly the energy of the world preparing for Jesus' return, and wants to be ready.

After he answered all of my questions about his beliefs and we discussed how our beliefs differ, I challenged him to read through John as if it were completely true, and to ask God to speak with him (as he feels He does regularly). He gladly and humbly accepted the challenge, and although I doubt we'll ever see each other again, I pray that one day we'll meet in Paradise.

I also shared the Gospel with a kid named Nishko at Santa Fe College a few days ago. In Native American, his name means "son of chief." But his father was a drug dealer who was thrown into prison at some point, so he was not particularly fond of his name. I was so amazed at how his tough exterior softened tremendously throughout our conversation! As we prayed together, the Lord encouraged me to point out the true purpose of Nishko's name, which is to tell the story of his sonship to our Great Chief. He was blown away by that. Although, at that particular moment, he did not come to Jesus (and for reasons I did not feel to question at the time), I know without a doubt that there was certainly something that shifted in his heart. Please pray that the Lord will continue to reveal Himself to Nishko as time goes on, and that one day we will see him in Heaven.

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  • Please continue to pray for my mentees - Maya and Essence - that their behavior in school and commitment to doing their best would continually improve, and even that our time together will pave the way to a strong and genuine relationship with the Father one day!
  • I was asked to lead worship for Mega Sports Kids Camp in the summer! We want to see little children connecting with the Holy Spirit! Please pray God will give me a great worship team, and that the children will respond so deeply to the love of Jesus!
  • Internship ends in just a couple of months! Please pray for me and my fellow interns, that we would finish well, strong, and would receive clear guidance from the Lord as to what happens next.
  • Continue praying for Grace (that she would come to the Lord), and for Shanna (that she would continue growing in her new walk with Jesus).
  • That lives will be completely transformed for Jesus during the summer internship!

PLEASE let me know how I can be praying for you!!

I love you all so much and am always exceedingly grateful for your support throughout this life-changing season I'm in! None of this would be happening right now without you.

May God bless you abundantly, and meet your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)


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