Norway's Trash for Energy


Trash For Energy

In the past 2 years Norway has improted more trash from other European countries than ever. Not because the number of people are growing & there is more trash. However it is because of a Eurotrash business. This business that burns trash to form energy, simply by running it through vast incinerators. Millions of pounds of trash gets imported daily & immediately sent to the incinerators.

How it works

First Steps

Norwegians are very particular about their waste and divide household rubbish. They set up a system into using three bags. One green on for food waste to make biogas. A blue one for recycled good, & a white one for everything else. Once the trash is all separated at the dumped it gets transported to the power plants.

How it is transferred

Once the trash is in the plant it gets picked up by large cranes & put into the incinerators. Once in the incinerators the burning trash heats up a water. The heated water creates steam & that steam is what turns the turnbine to generate electricity.
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Land Use

Norway is a country full of trees. Only 1% of Norway's land use is urban areas. The rest is farmland, forrest, & heathland. As shown in the graph above.
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How it helps.

By Norway using this method this provides over 20 million people across Europe with energy & electricity. This is a healthy way to help the environment. Norway is the best & the largest share of waste to energy in district heat production in Europe.
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