By: Aditi


The rainforest is a very unique place. It is inhabited by animals, people, and plants/trees. The temperature rarely gets higher than 93 degrees Fahrenheit and rarely drops lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Deforestation has already wiped out 90% of Africa's rainforests. The governments of the rainforests are torn between making money and saving their precious rainforests.

The People

The Baka are a group of native hunter-gatherers who have inhabited the rainforests of Africa since the Stone Ages. They mostly live in South-Eastern Cameroon, but a few live in Congo and Gabon. They don't have a set religion, but the spirit world is an important part of their daily lives. They adopted the Bantu language. They believe that the rainforest is their parent. They divide their time hunting, gathering herbs, and fishing.


Topographical Features

Almost all rainforests have a stream, a lake, or a river running through it. They have lowlands, hills, basins, and just flattish ground. The rainforests have four layers: the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent. The forest floor is the floor, obviously. The understory is about 60 feet above the ground. The canopy is is about 130 feet above the ground. And finally the emergent layer is 160 feet is above the ground.