Ted lecture

Joseph Kim


In joseph's lecture, joseph said that; "hope is personal. hope is something that no one can give to you. you have to choose to believe in hope." i think that joseph is right. hope is something that everybody needs to have. hope is something important that helps and push people to succeed more.
Joseph Kim: The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained.

North Korea

Joseph was boren and grew up in north korea. that place wasnt a good place for people, and as a child joseph was hungry most of the time. but Joseph wasnt the only one who used to be hungry. over millions of north korea's died from starvation in that time.


When Joseph was 15 he decided to cross the border to China, and look after his sister. but beside of that joseph knew that he had 2 options; 1- die, like his father, from starvation, or, 2- try to escape to China, and live in China a little bit better.

The life in China

Joseph managed to cross the border to China when he was 16 years old. the life in China were not easier, because he was always afraid for getting caught and sent back to north korea. after a few months, joseph met someone who managed, an undercover shelter for north korea's, and he lived there.