Rebekah Perry

"She has no life!" -Oprah "She is trash."- Obama "Who?"-me


I do not have much going on in school. I have the normal classes plus music. My favorite class right now is either music or English. I have good grades in most of my classes, except science. I do some extracurricular activities, extempore and choir.


I have many hobbies. I enjoy painting, I also enjoy music of all kinds, photography and writing. I also enjoy sleep, that is probably my favorite hobby. I paint and listen to music any time I am feeling stressed, which is very often. And I take pictures of nature all the time and usually edit them.

Family and Friends

I have 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Brian, Destiny, Makayla, and Nick. One of my sisters is married with one little boy and a little girl on the way, and one of my brothers is also married. My nephew is adorable and is named Layne. My parents are divorced and neither of them are remarried.

I only really have two main best friends, Kelsi and Meadow. They are great friends and are always there for me. I can always trust them with everything and no matter how annoying I get, and I get very annoying very fast. Some of my other friends are Arial, Haydenn, Hunter, Drake, and Jade. (The picture is of Meadow and Kelsi)