Status in the 1800s

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The significance of the pineapple

Pineapples came from South Africa, and in the 1800s, that was a sign of wealth since it had to be imported. Wealth was an important part of the status of society, just like it is today.

The 3 broad categories of social status:

1. The Gentry

Family whose status is assured by landownership. (The government)

2. The Middle Classes

Tradesmen, and people who made money by working. Some of these members were wealthier than the gentry, but their status was still lower.

3. The Lower Classes

Artisans, and almost half are considered to be poor.


Influence of historical events and cultural elements on novel:

Because daughters of gentry would only marry people from the gentry, keeping women in their own social classes, which could have implications in the book because the relationship between the main character and her fiancé would be forced and not true. Marrying out of your class was out of the question.