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Review on Products and Services of BestResearchPaper Writing Service is one of the many online writing services that have chosen to keep their focus on academic work. But can it live up to its name?

We decided to put it to the test in no different way than what we’ve done before. The first step was doing our usual research. We analyzed the website’s claims and prices, compared them to the competitors, read numerous customers' BestResearchPaper reviews from external sites to make sure it is not fraud or scam and felt ready to experience their services first-hand. We then ordered our own research paper, making sure to pick something typical, as to not create unusual conditions for our review. Let’s first see what the company promises.

BestResearchPaper claims to excel at academic writing: essays, research and term papers, dissertations – these are the kinds of services the website was built around in 2010. As a bonus, there are proofreading and editing possibilities available.

Where does the website stand, in practice? We will judge it based on the usual criteria.

Service Quality

One of the first references we had regarding the company’s writing quality was represented by the samples available on their website. While not perfect, we found them to be of satisfactory quality when it comes to writing and resources used. A similar execution for our own paper would have been enough for a positive review.

However, the first question marks appeared when we noticed the same samples were available on other websites, making it difficult to know their original source. More so, reviews we found on other websites had various complaints about the writing quality.

After receiving our paper, we are disappointed to confirm those complaints. The writing presented improper grammar and incorrect word usage in enough instances that the result could not be considered acceptable.

Reading more reviews afterwards, we tend to believe that the overall experience depends on the writer more than it should. There were claims of papers of even lower quality than ours, as well as reports of cases with better luck than us. While we don’t expect every writer to be of the exact same skill, it is not acceptable to play the lottery when placing an order.

This is made even more complicated by the fact that there is no information about the team behind the website. Besides the clearly false statement that all their writers are native speakers with Master’s or Ph.D’s, there is nothing specified.

Staff and support

The customer support staff was polite but could only provide us with basic information. They were not very helpful during the revision either, since we needed to repeatedly ask for an issue to be fixed before seeing any action taken. Simply put, the time spent communicating with them was not productive.


Prices are a little above average. They start at $12.05 per page for a high school essay, going up to $44.95/page for Ph.D. level.

Features and discounts

As new customers, we received a 15% discount for a promo code. Subscribing to the company’s newsletter will also bring you coupon codes over time.


Best Research Paper is average if you’re lucky. However, that is no sure bet, considering how much the quality varies with each case. Expect to put some work into fixing the writing either way. Our rating is 2 out of 5 stars.