Mrs. Bitz & Miss. Meisner's News

February 2, 2016


We will not be having a school Valentine’s Day party, however, our class has voted to exchange cards on Friday, February 12. Each child is encouraged to bring a decorated bag or box, a gift bag will also work. Note we will not be decorating them in class, but students who do not have a box/ bag will be given a paper bag that Friday. We will be passing all cards out to take home at the end of the day. We cannot send out names due to privacy laws however below I have included the class numbers for Mrs. Bitz and my classes.

Mrs Bitz- 20 students

Miss. Meisner - 19 students

Reading/ Language Arts

In reading we are wrapping up our character fiction unit focusing on text evidence. We will be moving into a non-fiction research unit where students will learn about how to read non-fiction texts with a focus on researching and collecting facts.

In Language arts we are going to be finishing and publishing our realistic fiction stories this week and turning in their final copies on Friday. The rubric for this assignment has the following elements: Is it realistic, Story Elements present (characters, setting, problem, resolution), neatness, Grammar, Capitals and Punctuation, Word Wall words spelled correctly, and use of skills taught (dialogue, Adding flaps...).

Math/ Science

In Math, we continued to work on 3-digit subtraction with regrouping. We also worked on problems in which there was regrouping across zeros. This week, we will have mixed word problems with 3-digit addition and subtraction. Please continue to review math facts.

In Science, we took the unit 3 test. On Friday, we started matter. We talked about physical properties. We will discuss solids and liquids this week.


Spelling Week 3

DMH #17

Science HW pg 12-14

Valentine's Day Grams for Sale

Valentine's Day grams are NOW on sale! All of the proceeds from this student council fundraiser go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. If you want to buy a class set the forms are available at the front desk, or you can send money with you son/ daugter. Please see details below:

$1 for a single sucker to be sent to someone of your choice

$4 for a bouquet of suckers to be sent to someone of your choice. The suckers are tied together with a bow for added adorableness.

If your son/ daughter wants to buy Valentine's Day Grams they should bring their money to their homeroom teacher. The teacher will give them a form to fill out where they must put the students name and their teachers name for who will be receiving the gram. More information about this went home, but please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. :)