Corrupting Corporations

Learn the Truth

The Gimmicks the Food Corporations are Using to Control Us

. Adding a ton of sugar to food

. Showering us with food commercials

. Ads about the newest food everywhere we go. EX: Posters, sidewalks, and clothing store.

. Using media like our favorite Celebrities to confirm if we want to buy this food or(food commercials).

Food Corporation

Have you ever thought that the food corporation is trying to control our eating habits by showing us these good looking food on commercials and ads?. There are 2 things that food corporation uses to control us and put us under it spell. And those two things are: using media like celebrities or Tv shows to get us to buy their food and adding a lot of sugar to process foods so we can get addicted to it and buy more.

The Gimmick

Do you ever wonder why process food taste so good? Well I have an answer for your confusion. Since process food doesn't taste as good as real food, the food corporation adds an a ton amount of sugar to one item so it can match the flavor of real food making people want more of spending their money on junk food instead of something more important. Do know that 80% of food commercials air every Saturday morning? (check the link below to learn more). And in those commercials you'll see celebrities on them saying how Mc Donalds is the ideal choice for food. Its all apart of a game to control us and or eating habits

Food Addiction

This link below displays more on what I was saying about people becoming addicted to food and that's what the food corporation wants to keep you under their spell


This link will prove that the food corporation is adding a huge amount of sugar in our foods making us want more and controlling our eating habits.


I post a video containing what I discussed about the food the food cooperation is giving us. (The two videos below)
How the food industry is deceiving you part 1
How the food industry is deceiving you part 2

Are We Becoming a Dystopia?

From what I have discussed in my last two paragraphs, I think that, if we don't do something to stop the food corporation from controlling our eating habits, then we will start to become a dystopian society. I only say part because, somethings we do have control and is not being controlled by media or technology. So to answer the question that I had given you, yes I believe we are going to the path of a dystopian society.