Initial Ideas

scheduling, channel, topic, title and target audience.


Self being v.s comics

Our group came up with the name 'self being v.s comics' because the topic is about people with a obsession with comics. which could imply to the audience that comics is an addicting object and its a fight between yourself or the obsession with comics. As well my group and I chose this because we through that it would be similar to a comic title 'superman v.s batman', making the title link well with other comics.


The obsession of Comics

My group and I chose the topic 'obsession' because there was a lot more interviewees and facts to create and show to the audience in our documentary. As well my group and I through that it was an interesting and unique topic to chose.


Channel 4

My group and I have chosen the channel 'Channel 4' because the topic is about obsession, which is a lifestyle theme.


Afternoon/ Evening.

Target Audience:

PG Parental Guidance. General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children

As well suitable for all gender (Male and female).