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Friday, March 4, 2016

Monthly Recognition:

Casey Stover, Ms. Vineyard Homeroom, 3rd Grade: Casey is always helpful. He is very hard working and always completes every assignment on time. He is a Student Council representative and we believe that he possesses every quality that makes a great representation of Spring Hill. Casey is kind to all students and teachers and shows care about struggling students. Casey makes his teachers smile so much everyday just by watching him interact with others.

Amy Beth Kennedy, 4th Grade Reading: Amy's colleagues say, "She is a delight to work with. She is always flexible, understanding, and has a teriffic attitude. My students that visit her class always enjoy seeing her and they do well in the environment that she has created in her classroom." Amy Beth is committed to making sue each student finds success in her classroom. She is always willing to try new things and has a great attitude no matter what! Amy's contribution to Spring Hill is so appreciated!

Michelle Smith, Intermediate Cafeteria. Mrs. Smith always greets students and staff with a smile. Mrs. Smith is willing to do whatever it takes to help her students get what they need from he cafeteria. Mrs. Smith is willing to help and always wants to know what she can do to help our campus run smoothly! Thanks to Michelle we have a great cafeteria!

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Food for Thought from Sean Cain Author of The Fundamental Five

This is a question from a reader of the Sean Cain Blog. You'll recall that Sean is the author of The Fundamental Five. I found this question and Sean's answer very interesting...make sure you read all the way to the end!

Sean Cain,

I am interested in what you base the 75% standard for passing. Your use of the term "mastery" is relative. This is extraordinarily high especially for assessments such as 3rd grade reading. At the state level, only 77% of students passed at the phase 1 standard which was 50%. Perhaps the 75% passing standard would be appropriate if the assessments were appropriate for the grade levels or courses. Run the 3rd grade reading passages through a readability test. They are not written on a 3rd grade reading level, but more like 5 or 6th grade level.

SC Response

Let's start with some presuppositions:

1. The standard for “passing” the STAAR test is lower than 70%. Meaning that students can answer fewer that 70% of the questions on the test correctly and pass.

2. On teacher selected assignments, the vast majority of teachers require at least a 70% on the assignment to receive a passing grade.

3. The STAAR test is 100% correlated to the TEKS required for the STAAR tested course.

4. The required TEKS are not a secret. We have been accountable to teach all the required TEKS for a given course since... 2002.

5. If we teach the required TEKS at the required rigor, students should be expected to answer questions related to TEKS at a moderate level of success.

Based suppositions 2 – 5, I’m suggesting that it would not be unreasonable to set a 75% correct answer rate as an expectation.

As for your contention that the readability of the STAAR exceeds the reading level of the grade tested (you used 3rd grade as an example), I conducted an experiment. I took three sample reading passages from the 3rd grade STAAR and ran them through an online LEXILE filter. Here are my results:

3rd Grade Passage 1 – 830L (4th grade equivalent)

3rd Grade Passage 2 – 1,000L (5th grade equivalent)

3rd Grade Passage 3 – 820L (3rd grade equivalent)

Granted, this was an unscientific sample, not the entire test, and I cannot validate the accuracy of the on-line LEXILE filter. But, based on your contention and my findings, it would not be unreasonable for the state to share its determination the readability level of each test. Because it would be patently unfair to have a grade level test that uses text more difficult than is required for the grade level.

Still, based on all of the above, IF the test is appropriate for the grade level, I stand by my recommendation.

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  • March 24th Dress as Your Favorite Book Character!
  • March 31st Panther Night Out (No Homework or Tests Please)



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