Local and Global


Wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. Wind is also air that moves parallel to the ground. Uneven heating of the Earth's surface is the true way that winds are created. You can measure wind speed with an anemometer, which has four cups that spin in a circle to calculate wind speed.

Local Winds

Local winds are winds that move across a small area and change direction and speed very often. They are made when there is unequal heating of Earth's surface.Local winds are made when Two types of local winds are sea winds and land winds (see photos below).

Global Winds

Global winds cover the entire Earth. The Coriolis effect causes global winds to curve. Winds that are in the Northern Hemisphere turn right. If they are in the Southern Hemisphere they turn to the left.Temperature differences between the equator and the the poles produce these convection currents that are all around the globe. Warm air rises at the equator and descends near the poles. This is why most places near the equator are warmer than places farther away.