Jose Limon

By: Ellie and Maria

Facts About His Life


  • He was born on January 12, 1908 in Culiacán, Mexico
  • His full name is Jose Arcadia Limon
  • His family immigrated from Mexico to Los Angles California when he was a boy
  • He started to love dance when he moved to New York in 1928
  • Jose started and found his own dance company in 1947
  • His moms name was Francisca and his dads name was Florencio Limon
  • Jose Limon died in New Jersey in 1972
  • He was the oldest of 11 children that died in infancy

About his Choreography

  • "The Moor's Pavane" was his most famous piece
  • In 1940 Limon went to start a solo career as a dancer and choreographer
  • Jose Limon left to go to the West Coast where he continued to preform

About Modern Dance

  • It is very flowy
  • This type of dance can be free and bound
  • Modern Dance is soft and beautiful to watch