Immigration To The United States

When did Arabs first come to the United States?

They first came to the US when accompanied by spanish explorers as slaves during the 1500's.

The first significant number of arab immigrants came between 1880 and 1920.

Why Arabs came...

They came to the United States seeking economic opportunity and freedom from the strict regulations in the middle east (where the Arabs were originally from)

How they came

How the United States treated the group

When this group was immigrating the United States was just starting to pass and enforce immigration laws. There wasn't a big problem with Arabs coming to the US but most immigrants they couldn't find work due to discrimination.

Where the group settled and jobs immigrants typically found

Arabs typically settled in northern states or in the mid west. Majority of the Arabs coming to the US found work in industrial factories or textile mills. Majority of Arabs today are entrepreneurs. They contribute to the United States by opening clothing stores or "corner stores" where you can buy groceries or snacks. Arab Americans have influenced their homelands as a result of their migration by influencing them to come to the US and start their own businesses or stay in their homelands to to start their own businesses

Arab clothing store