Principal's News

Week 8

Hot.... cold.... hot....That's Melbourne for you!

Happy St Patricks Day, to be sure, to be sure! Thanks to Jane and the children in the choir for your contribution to Sunday's liturgy at St Augustine's.

Already we are up to planning days for next term! I am sure that you will use this time profitably and that there will be some exciting units of work planned. I think that Term 2 is all about the history of our community so some 'on foot' excursions might work well.

The Change 2 Team had their final session with Craig and Pauline on Friday. Thank-you to Heidi, Nicole, Lenore, Jess, Carmel and Mary for your hard work and creative thinking. There is still a lot of work ahead to realize 'Collaborative Learning Networks' but you have made a good start. Thank-you also needs to be extended to Denise and Jacinta who generously supported this project by releasing classroom teachers.

It will only be a good week if you make it one. Enjoy your students, and find time to have a laugh with a colleague.

Whoops! I think the socks are the give-away.

Is it a Zonkey or a Debra?


  • Students that are late for school need to visit the office for a late slip. They also need to be marked on the roll as late or you have no legs to stand on when you are trying to make a point about punctuality
  • Timetables - get them back as soon as you can. I have three so far.
  • Work programs will be checked over the next two weeks. I will call into your room and do them there
  • It can be quite cool and breezy at the Aths track so bring a jacket along on Tuesday night. It is anticipated that it will finish at 7.30 ish but there will be snags and drinks available if you are feeling peckish. A TEAM effort is required to have our kids in the right place at the right time so be on the ball....
  • Casual clothes on Friday
  • Next weeks staff meeting is at 7.30pm on Tuesday night with Tony Richards. There will be no other meetings this week.