Reducing Stress

Health Choices and Fitness Activities to Reduce Stress

Have a Healthy Diet

A well balanced diet can help fight stress and keep your mind clear. Also, by reducing your caffeine intake, you will sleep better and have more energy throughout the entire day, rather than a few hours. The increased energy level will decrease your stress level.

Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Other Drugs

These self prescribed cures are only temporary. Dealing with stress with a clear mind is the best approach to get rid of stress permanently.

Other Ways to Avoid Stress:

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxing can also reduce stress. For Example: Meditation, Yoga, Deep Breathing, Walking, and Stretching.

Why does Exercise Help Relieve Stress?

Certain chemicals are released into your body when you are stressed. Exercise essentially burns away these chemicals that cause you to feel stress. Exercise also relaxes and clears the mind, which can also be a stress reliever.