Los Angeles, California

Clayton's dream vacation

Los Angeles

My dream vacation is to go to Los Angeles. It is in the state of Californa. I want to visit this place because of the beautiful beaches. What makes my destination so great is that I have wanted to visit this place for awhile. Also a reason why i want to go there is there beaches have pretty white sand.


About three hours thirty minutes if I fly. Los Angeles is 1,587.5 from Willis,Texas. I will take my mom and my dad. I will fly to get there. I will stay there for two weeks and visit the whole town.


I will stay in a hotel. Probably a Best Western. I will be staying at Best Western because they always have free breakfast and its free. When i pack i will need to pack soap because they don't provide enough soap for two weeks. Also i would need to pack clothes.


Lodging will cost about 250 a night. I will eat at a nice restaurant every night so i will spend between 100 and 200 dollars on food. To get there I will be flying. The cost of that will probably be 400 because I will fly with a nice company. Also spending money I will need a thousand dollars. So the total cost will be around five-six thousand.


I will go to the beach. Every chance i get because the water is beautiful. At my location I will be able to visit the town and drive around. To expierence some ocean water that you can see through and also to visit some coral reefs.

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