Robotics Is The Way To Go.

Cole Sullivan


Robotics is a new sport that allows people that have had a focus on education have the opportunities to compete in a competition of wit. This is sport has one of the fastest growing popularity due to its diverse rolls and skills that are needed to work together for a common goal.
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Robotics is the future of the inspiring world of production and new technologies. Robotics not only inspired new students to manage their time do to the competitions rigorous time restraints. This leads to a more productive student that is ready to learn. Because of the students new ability to have time management which allows them to be more efficiency.
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The community that is created around the robotics competition is one that is unmatched. The level of friendship that can be gained has an ever lasting effect that bonds people for a common goal. All the competitors come together no matter if they are on the same team or not everyone is willing to help another.
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Unlike most new sports robotics is actually extremely dangerous. From the high voltage to the razor sharp saw blades people must always be on their toes and aware of what is going on around them. This leads to people having a better sense of awareness that also leads to being me careful and dexterous that allows them to complete more complicated tasks with ease.
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Life skills

The life skills that are learned are endless. For instance I have used how to use a lathe, that other wise I would have never learned about. There are hundreds of different skills to learn as well. Whether it be wiring to programming there is something for everyone.
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We build robots, not something that is super bulky but rather a huge powerful masterpiece of metal and wires. These robots that we create have the ability too do amazing feats such as fire dodge balls into goals seven feet into the air and climb walls . These machines are able to go over obstacles as well.
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Prompts Education

This sport is all about the mind and what it is able to do. It requires people to learn and think differently. This leads to an increase in a students readiness to learn and think dynamically. Because of this increase there has shown to be an increase in test scores as well.
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New Sport

This new sport is one of wit and knowledge rather than of strength and speed. It requires someone to think very fast and accurately to achieve a goal. The sport is also one of view that is gaining popularity quickly and at an experiential rate.
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Nerds to Jocks

Because of this sports heavy hand in knowledge it allows someone that maybe labeled as a nerd to become someone that is revered for their skills. This new sport is very helpful in pointing the spot light away for the field and into the classroom. This en-turns makes it so people of nonathletic birth are able to be apart of a team.
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College Opportunities

Due to the sports center around education, it offers scholarships and other financial aids to its competitors. Along with money, schools often time come to these competitions to try and recruit new inspiring minds to come to their university.
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People skills

Not only is this a great show of knowledge it is also a great way for the antisocial to work on their people skills. This leads to people being more personable which can later on help them get a job. As well it makes it easier for someone to gain new friends and be happier all together.