Lack of food in Africa

By: Mitchell meurer


Thousands dead. Why?

Background info

In 2008 47% of Africa's live on $1.25 or less a day.


The lack of food is causing many to die some families have little to no children left because they were lost to starvation.


Results from a recent study of current living conditions throughout Africa report that more than one billion people do not have enough clean water to provide for their basic human needs. As a result, more than 2,500 children are dying each day.


At a food distribution site in Zinder, Bogobira and her nine-month-old baby Fatima wait for a ration. Fatima's twin sister died four weeks ago from malnutrition, diarrhoea and vomiting. roughly one in five Africans still frequently go without food at 17%


Slavery didn't allow Africans to get a good education, which caused earlier generations not to get an education so they couldn't earn a good living and they had to farm but drought caused problems.


The lack of food affects almost all Africans.


people do not have sufficient income to purchase enough food. Drought, for example, is certainly an important cause of hunger, and when there farms don't create enough food it causes death.


Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger, a year after it was struck by a devastating drought.


Tens of millions of people across more than half the states in sub-Saharan Africa need urgent food aid.


A little help can go a long way.


My plan to get more food to more African countries is to have the guy from shark tank with the irrigation system because there cheap and very useful. Then eh teams up with UNICEF.

In case you don't know what they are they are watering systems we would hook up hoses and they would shoot up and hit the cone and spray out in all directions getting to all the plants roots.


I'm gonna give the irrigation cones to at least 2 farms in the area so they can make enough food for there family and they can sell some or give it away to friends or others that are struggling.


Irrigation would help because most farmers in Africa are rain fed farmers so year round water would really help the economy.


Africa's problem of lack of food has caused death to thousands of children and adults, it can be decreased if the u.s and other countries team up and buy the irrigation cones. UNICEF can get people to donate and arrange the flights over the ocean to Africa to give them to the African farmers.

Restatement of thesis

The lack of food in Africa is killing not just adults but children and even infants who gave there whole lives in head of you.

Closing remark

Lives can be saved in Africa we just have to help them get back on there feet and people can amaze you.

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