Custom Bobbleheads

Custom Bobbleheads: How Are They Different From Other Gifts?

Bobbleheads have been around for quite some time now and their history actually dates back to the early 1800s. Earlier, ceramic was used for making bobbleheads, but now plastic is the material of choice.

So, what's this fuss about custom bobbleheads?

Some people consider bobbleheads to be stupid things that people lose interest in very fast. To some extent, that is true. Of course they don't serve any specific purpose rather than sitting and bobbing on the car dashboard or work desk. Since bobbleheads are usually made after popular personalities, people love buying them, preferably at a time either the popularity of the person in question ceases to exist or the bobbleheads simply fail to attract any interest. In most of the cases, the common bobbleheads are picked up by impulsive buyers and it's only a matter of time before they lose their charm.

But, in the case of custom bobbleheads, the story is actually quite the opposite. Imagine having a six-inch figure of yourself sitting on your work desk and staring at you at all times! Of course you're going to love it. The best part about custom bobbleheads is they would never let you feel lonely. You could simply stare back at them, talk to them (and get responded to with a bob of the head) or simply exchange your custom doll with someone you love.

Custom bobbleheads are so popular because of their appeal, because of the fact that they are always handcrafted and also because they are almost always capable of making you possessive about them.

So, how are they different from other gifts?

You need to first ask yourself what you want to gift something to someone? There is just one reason - you love them and want them to remember you always. If you choose some other expensive gift, it is definitely going to be expensive and attention grabbing, but is it going to be 100% original? By gifting custom bobbleheads, you can very easily make your way into the heart of the person because of the emotional quotient involved with custom bobbleheads. The person is definitely going to like it and even if it loses its charm after a couple of years (that is very unlikely though), but it is never going to make its way into the trash can because it is an exact replica of the person himself! And, every time the person looks at his replica, you are going to be remembered.

Is it a good idea to get custom bobbleheads on serious occasions?

Why not? People often get custom bobbleheads on occasions as serious as wedding ceremonies. He could simply order two custom bobbleheads after the bride and groom and let them have the dolls sit on the wedding cake on the wedding day itself. That is going to attract a lot of attention and of course at the fun element to the environment.

You also consider gifting your retiring colleagues with custom bobbleheads. It is possible to have a little bit of personality added the doll - facial expressions, clothes and postures etc. And, the person is going to keep it close to his heart for the rest of his life

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