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5ive for Friday

1. The Underdog:

Whether it is the USA Hockey Team in 1980, The NC State Basketball Team of 1983, Rudy, Rocky, Roberta Vinci, or even my beloved Minnesota Twins of 1991. America loves the underdog. The team/player that should not have won but did despite-----Wait, who is Roberta Vinci? Let me explain... I am a huge tennis fan. I love watching it. Tennis is a great sport and the only sport (outside of fighting sports) that puts you against your opponent one on one. Me vs. You - who is better today? Nobody will argue that currently Djokovic and Serena are the best man and woman playing the sport today (and two of the nicest people around...Djokovic often brings the media candy) and Serena could probably beat most men in the top 100. She is THAT good! However, in New York late this summer Serena was cruising through every tournament she played. She rarely dropped a set, and was never really challenged. Her sister Venus gave her a little challenge but even that match looked like Serena was just messing around with her. But on this day when she casually strolled onto the court and faced an oppenent that 100% of people had never heard of and she was beaten. The quest for the Grand Slam (which had not been done since Steffi Graf) was dead and the crowd was shocked. Yet Serena didn't seem shocked. Because she went in and ran into an underdog that wanted it more and simply out worked her. Nobody would argue that Roberta was a better player because Serena wins this match 99/100 times, but nobody would argue after watching that match that Serena outworked her opponent that day. For that day Roberta was the better player not for talent but for effort. Roberta was tenacious, she showed GRIT, she showed hustle and effort. Serena didn't go into the match with the right mindset. She went in thinking she had won before she laced up her $175 Nikes and because of that, she lost.

Now for the younger audiences and non-sports fans, 1980 the Winter Olympics were in Lake Placid, NY and at that time Russia was known as the USSR and they were the dominant hockey team in the world. The USA team was well, not so good. That is until a guy named Herb Brooks (Minnesotan) was named coach and they beat them in what was known as "The Miracle" and inspired the Disney movie with the same name a few years back.

The NC State team (Coached by Jim Valvano the guy behind the "Don't give up" speech) that featured a slow, short point guard name Sidney Lowe beat The University of Houston who had two future NBA Hall of Fame players, Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler (who would later win a NBA title playing together for the Houston Rockets) and were huge favorites. Here is the famous speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuoVM9nm42E

For Rudy and Rocky you need to get on Netflix and watch them both. Rocky is a fantastic movie and while younger audiences think of Stallone as guy from those Expendables movies he was superb in Rocky and actually helped write the movie. There is a NEW Rocky movie coming out this fall called Creed and it stars Michael Jordan (not that Michael Jordan! The guy who was great in the movie, Fruitville Station).

Then, of course, the 1991 Twins went from worst place in 1990 to World Champs behind Kirby Puckett, and Jack Morris as they crushed the Atlanta Braves fans dreams of a World Series title.

The lesson of each of these is never count anyone out. Sometimes the little guy takes down the big guy, sometimes the student that was shy and struggled becomes the CEO, sometimes the college dropout becomes Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Send the right message and remember there is a reason why we play the game just ask Herb, Roberta, Sidney, and Jack.

2. Who am listening to: Why JT and JT of course!

1. Justin Timberlake: Yes I know and I can feel the guys rolling their eyes. But if you have a wife/daughter/sister you have heard every song he sings and he is the modern day Elvis but with more talent (singing, acting, dancing, plays guitar, piano, and can write a song) and less jumpsuits. He is a kid from Memphis who was on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that has taken the reigns from Michael Jackson as the "King of Pop", and when he is on Saturday Night Live their ratings more than double...watch him cover "Sittin On The Dock of The Bay" and try to tell me he is not a talent:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIx6_Z5v88k&sns=em

2. James Taylor: Ok, here is the deal...I've been to about 100 concerts (humble brag) and his concert was far and away the best concert I have ever attended. 7th Row Dallas Fair Park Music Hall. He came out early and chatted, yes chatted with fans. He played solo for two hours and every song is pure greatness. Pick up The Greatest Hits 1 and 2 and just put it on play and repeat. Fire and Rain, Sweet Baby James, Carolina On My Mind...the greatest singer-songwriter ever. Don't argue Neil Diamond or Jon Denver fans, just accept his greatness. Here is a little Fire and Rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSqT_PeiV0U

3. Try this: Ask yourself this question: "What would you tell your 20 year old self?" Ok, now that you have answered that question, answer this one: "Am I applying this to my life now?" If not, why not? If so, why aren't you telling those you love to do the same?

4. Quote: "Money has never bought me happiness or changed my life, but people and books have brought me everything that I treasure." - Naval Ravikant

5. Watch this: Snip it from the movie "The Miracle". I first watched this movie over ten years ago but I was reminded of it at our last PLC Booster with Peter Noonan. This is Herb Brooks talking about how he was going to win the gold prior to building the team. This was about change. This was about collaboration. This was about the team being stronger than the individual. Everything he is saying is what a PLC is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YCVtPVP5wI

So what does this have to do with Hosp? Everything! We have all been the underdog at one point or another and had to overcome the odds. So many of our students are underdogs. They have things stacked against them but they need you to teach them grit and strength! With our music each one of these artist have stayed true to who they are. JT1 grew up on blues and has become a great R&B singer who is about having fun, JT2 has stayed true to his singer-songwriter roots for the last 40 years and his new music is a reflection of his past. So how do we get our students to overcome the odds? Have fun? Stay true to who they are? They great news is you get to teach them how.

Say hello to our long term substitute in Kindergarten Rhonda Watson. She will be with us until January. We are excited to have her.


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What's ahead?

Monday, November 16th - PTA Board & General Meetings & 5th Grade Performance (5:30 pm)

Wednesday, November 18th - Fall Picture Makeup Day

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