Humanities Memo

The School Leaders' Edition: March 13th-19th


Guided Reading Note Taking

During Data Day, teachers came up with goals and detailed plans to get their students to the next STEP level. However, without consistent progress monitoring, it is difficult to impossible, to know how students are doing. Often it is not until the next STEP assessment when we realize what the specific areas that students struggle with are.

At RMS, Tanisha, created a guided reading note taking tool. This is both a good solution to this potential problem and user friendly for all teachers. Since the tool is aligned to the STEP skills that students need at each level, it is easier to anticipate what may hold students back from passing the next STEP level and to plan next steps.

At RMS, teachers take notes as they listen to students in the During reading and Comprehension Conversation portion of Guided Reading.

If you are curious about how this tool was introduced at RMS or how this could be implemented at your own campus please reach out to RMS SLs or the Humanities team.

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Just one example, but take a look at how Meaghan O'Neil, at RSK, who also use takes notes during her guided reading lessons. Also notice how her guided reading lesson plan is front of her as she executes this lesson with her first grade class.

Campus Highlights

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Rachel Smallwood, RDP, has been working with her fourth graders to annotate purposefully throughout the RC lesson. Rachel models her thinking during the I Do, underlining important dialogue or writing notes in the margins. During the we do, students continue to mark up their own text. Often students continue to model Rachel by doing their own think alouds during control the game and remark what they think is significant in the text.

The work that students are doing throughout the lesson is definitely the right preparation students need for the SBAC.

SBAC Question of the Week

Last week we introduced a new feature, SBAC Question of the Week. This week we are focusing on Part A and Part B questions. Make sure you check this section in the Humanities Highlights this week. You may have noticed that these questions were added on the revised unit assessments.

As you prepare for your upcoming VoEs, think through the specific skills students will need to answer Part A and Part B questions.


SBAC Binders Delivered

SBAC teacher binders were delivered to all Bay Area schools on Friday to your OMs. Please check to see if your received the right number for your 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers. If you are missing a binder please reach out to Brooke as soon as possible so that your teachers are prepared for their SBAC VoEs .