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what happens when a good plan goes bad?

picture explanation

The picture below is a example of when a good plan goes bad. the plane in the picture has had a crash landing which basically shows how even trained pilots can make mistakes. Hence a very good example of when a good plan goes horribly wrong.
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poem explanation

This poem reflects on all the good plans that go bad every day. And gets you thinking about all the small plans you mess up. Also how you can through of other peoples plans. While trying to make sure every thing happens the way you want. Plus it is a nice and interesting poem to read.


Again a Solstice

Jennifer Chang

"It is not good to think of everything as a mistake. I asked for bacon in my sandwich, and then I asked for more. Mistake. I told you the truth about my scar: I did not use a knife. I lied about what he did to my faith in loneliness. Both mistakes. That there is always a you. Mistake. Faith in loneliness, my mother proclaimed, is faith in self. My instinct, a poor polaris. Not a mistake is the blue boredom of a summer lake. O mud, sun, and algae! We swim in glittering murk. I tread, you tread. There are children testing the deep end, shriek and stroke, the lifeguard perilously close to diving. I tried diving once. I dove like a brick. It was a mistake to ask the $30 prophet for a $20 prophecy. A mistake to believe. I was young and broke. I swam in a stolen reservoir then, not even a lake. Her prophesy: from my vagrant exertion I’ll die at 42. Our dog totters across the lake, kicks the ripple. I tread, you tread. What does it even mean to write a poem? It means today I’m correcting my mistakes. It means I don’t want to be lonely."

personal example

A example of the topic in my life is when i thought it was a good idea to sell golf balls and get some money. But when i went looking for golf balls i got lost for an hour in the woods. But i managed to get home i was not able to sell golf balls. And had to do homework till 9:30 as a result. Basically this is a weird example of a good plan gone bad in my life.

Day Of Tears

In the Day Of Tears the following line."Finally I went to a doctor and said i'd ruined my vocal box."(Lester pg.31). This slave auctioneer had the plan to sell the most slaves in a auction in america at one time. The plan started to fall apart when there was thunder and rain but he pressed on and that cost him his voice from all the yelling. So he could not run auctions anymore. Then his life continued to fall apart as a result and accumulating during the civil war, were he lost his leg and was pushed into a dark depression then his life ended still believing blacks were inferior.

real example

This video is just a real thought through example of a good plan gone bad on a larger scale. And the video is very through on the reasons it went wrong. And gives a strong large scale example showing the topic. This is a relevant example because it shows how any plan that seems good can go bad. Especially in modern designs and in the engineering field.
Dr. Malcolm Compitello - A Good Plan Gone Bad


Another good example of this is in the book Calamity with this line."David looked out the door and he looked for Prof, noting a few minor epics. As he looked to see, he shuts the door in horror out of seeing oblivion looking at him smiling."(Sanderson pg.176). His plan in theory should have worked with his disguise. But oblivion was able to see right through his disguise. Recognizing him and causing chaos to erupt and Davids plan to be halted.

The Sea Of Monsters

A good example comes from the Sea Of Monsters in the line. "Tyson was trembling he stepped back and accidentally snapped a twig, all seven heads turned and hissed."(Riordan 144). This is a good example because the plan was good in that they had moved slowly out of the hydras vision. But when Tyson steps on a twig the hydra turns and attacks them with all seven heads. Also this is a simple example of how a good plan could go wrong in a second.

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