Sanitation Summative Assignment

How to stop the spread, growth, and kill bacteria.

What Is Bacteria?

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Bacteria is the plural form of bacterium. Bacteria is a group of microscopic, single-celled organisms that may cause disease and is a biological hazard for human beings. If we were to consume bacteria it could be very bad for our bodies and could cause us to become sick. Some bacteria is also good for us though, for example the bacteria in our guts help aid digestion.

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Where can bacteria be found?

Bacteria can be found anywhere, even in our guts. Bacteria grows absolutely everywhere, there's even bacteria in our fingernails. This is why we clean our hands before cooking, and it's also why we bathe daily. If we didn't regularly shower, we wouldn't be able to kill the bacteria on our bodies and we would get easily sick.


How does bacteria grow?

Bacteria grows everywhere. Always remember to keep food out of the "Danger Zone" If food is within the danger zone, it could be very bad because that is when the bacteria multiplies most rapidly. By freezing food, it puts the bacteria to sleep which slows down and typically stop the growth of the bacteria. Never defrost food with hot water because it will allow the food to reach the danger zone which will allow the bacteria to multiply most rapidly. The only way you should defrost food is in the refrigerator, under cold running water, or in a microwave.

Always keep hot foods hot (above 60°C or 140°F) and cold foods cold (below 4°C or 40°F). - Sanitation Reading on Google Classroom by Ms. Kennedy-Aylsworth

Danger Zone : The temperature range where bacteria multiply most rapdily. The range is between 4°C - 60° (40°F - 140°F). - Sanitation Reading on Google Classroom by Ms. Kennedy-Aylsworth

Tip : Never use foods that are passed their best before or expiry date. - Sanitation Reading on Google Classroom by Ms. Kennedy-Aylsworth

Why and How do we stop the growth of bacteria?

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Why should we stop the growth of bacteria?

We should stop the growth of bacteria because if bacteria continues to grow, there will be way too much bacteria and it will be very bad for us. For example, if too much bacteria grows on the food, then it is too late and the food is wasted and has to be thrown away for safety hazards.

How do we stop the growth of bacteria?

We can stop the growth of bacteria in many ways.

1. Washing hands, by washing hands, we kill bacteria and stop the spread and prevent cross contamination.

2. By reducing humidity and keep the environment dry, it stops the growth of bacteria because they prefer moisture.

3. Always clean surfaces with soap or anything that disinfects. Always remember to clean countertops and especially cutting boards if they were used to cut meat or poultry. Doing this will kill bacteria and stop the growth.

4. Always cook thoroughly because by cooking foods, it kills any bacteria on it only if you cook thoroughly.

5. Never use a cutting board to cut meat, poultry, or fish and then use the same cutting board to cut vegetables, fruits, etc. without washing it or else all the bacteria from the meats will transfer to the vegetables or fruits or whatever.

There are many other ways but these are just some ways to stop the growth of bacteria.

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Why and how do we kill bacteria?

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Why do we kill bacteria? How does it help us?

We kill bacteria because it is very harmful and dirty. Bacteria grows everywhere, even by typing on this keyboard I am catching bacteria from the keyboard keys. If I were to now lick my fingers, then I would have consumed bacteria and could get sick and possibly even get a disease.

How do we kill bacteria? What do we do?

For example, if we consumed bacteria, bacteria is now in our bodies. Because it is in our bodies, it could possibly get us sick. Now say I got sick due to consuming bacteria, by consuming antibiotics, it slows down the growth, stops the spread, and kills the bacteria in the body, then allowing us to slowly recover. By cooking food, you kill bacteria. For example, if my friend and I were about to go eat hamburgers and he decided to have his hamburger's patty medium well (Cooked well) and I wanted my patty rare so you can see the blood and it's all juicy, when I eat it, I have the chance to consume bacteria and get E - Coli.

"Antibiotics are chemicals that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and are used to treat bacterial infections" -

E - Coli : "a bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals, where it usually causes no harm. Some strains can cause severe food poisoning, especially in old people and children." - Definition from google search.


Why and how do we stop the spread of bacteria?

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Why should we stop the spread of bacteria?

If we don't stop the spread of bacteria, bacteria will spread everywhere and the whole world would be infested by tons of bacteria (which it kind of already is because bacteria is everywhere but it won't be as bad). Bacteria is very harmful and if we continue to allow bacteria to spread, it would be super easy for us human beings and animals to get sick and get diseases. This is very dangerous and is why we must stop the spread of bacteria.

How do we stop the spread of bacteria?

We can stop the spread of bacteria by showering and cleaning ourselves daily, by doing this, we kill off the bacteria on our bodies. In the kitchen, we want to wear clean clothes and aprons because if they are dirty (contain bacteria), you will cross contaminate which will spread the bacteria. Always be sure to wash your hands, upper, lower arm, and fingernails as well with warm water and soap. Soap is a chemical that will kill off the bacteria contained on your hands and arms, this is important so when you eat food, you don't consume the bacteria also, same thing for food, when you are making food, if you don't have clean hands, you will allow the bacteria to go onto the food you are making, when somebody consumes the food, then they will have consumed the bacteria and will possibly get sick.

There are many other ways to kill and stop the spread of bacteria but these are simple things you can do every single day to stop the spread.

Cross Contaminate - the passing of bacteria, microorganisms, or other harmful substances indirectly from one patient to another through improper or unsterile equipment, procedures, or products. -


Why is this all important for our kitchen and for the safety of others?

This is all important for our kitchen because if we didn't keep our kitchen clean, bacteria would be everywhere. If the bacteria was everywhere, it would cause our food to become contaminated and when we make our food, it would contaminate the food so when we serve it to customers, they eat it and they will get sick and then we would get blamed. Always wash your hands before you touch the food and always make sure the food is fully cooked or else there will be bacteria all over the food when you touch it or if it isn't fully cooked it could be dangerous for customers to eat because it isn't fully cooked and still contains bacteria on it. This is why it is important for our kitchen and the safety of others!



Do all these things to prevent spreading, the growth, and to kill bacteria! It is very important to stop the spread of bacteria or else our whole world would get infested with tons of bacteria. It is important to stop the growth of bacteria or else there would be too much bacteria and could be very dangerous. And finally, KILL BACTERIA! It is important for us to not only do this at the kitchen but anywhere. At home, at school, anywhere contains bacteria and if there is bacteria, you must do anything you can to stop the growth, stop spreading, and kill bacteria.