Geography and Globalization

by Adam Grabowski

What is globalization and what does it do?

Globalization is the communication of economics, culture, environment, and technology. These four aspects of globalization are the foundation of communication around the world. Globalization is the reason why we can buy products made in different countries. Globalization is also the reason why we can receive information and news worldwide. Globalization communicates using trade and innovation.
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Pros and Cons of Globalization

One big pro of globalization is that it creates jobs. This means that citizens in poorer countries have more opportunity because of the products being traded. Another pro is that globalization creates communication between countries. This can create peace between nations and create products that countries might need. A con of globalization is that it can create pollution. Factories and big corporations can pollute the air by mass producing products. Another con is that globalization can create disagreement. This could create enemies between companies or even between nations.

How does geography impact where, how, and why people live where they do?

Geography is made up of physical features, climate, and weather. Physical features can influence fisherman to live near coast lines so that they can fish. Climate can influence people to live in seasonal areas so that it is never cold or hot. Weather can influence farmers to live in areas where there is a lot of rain.
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Hammer Production

The map above is tracking the production of a hammer. The light blue dot represents the American Steel Foundries which create the steel for the hammer. The American Steel Foundries transport the steel to the purple dot representing Estwing Manufacturing. Estwing Manufacturing creates the hammers and then distributes them to the yellow dots representing Lowe's and Home Hardware Distribution. These companies then sell the hammers in their stores.

A Problem and Solution to Steel Production

During the steel production process the steel has to cool once it is finished smelting. Steel companies often use fresh water to cool the steel. If steel companies use too much fresh water they could create problems in the environment. These problems could include plants or animals dying from dehydration. There are many solutions to this problem. Steel companies could either let the steel cool on its own, create an advanced cooling system that doesn't use water, or use salt water. The best option would most likely be to use salt water. I think this because steel companies want production to be quick in order to produce as much steel as possible. This would rule out letting steel cool on its own because it would take too much time. Also, steel companies wouldn't want to create an advanced cooling system because it would cost too much money.

How Does Globalization Affect Me?

Technology affects me every day when I log onto a computer or use my Iphone. I may see a video or read an article that I learn from or use. Environment affects me when I go outside to jog. For example, I would be influenced to not jog if it was raining. Culture affects me when I go on social media and talk with friends. We may talk about a popular song or youtube video. Economics affects me when my dad’s business does poorly. My dad is self employed which means if his company does poorly our family will be affected. I believe that in 15 years the cultural, economic, and technological aspects of globalization will be prominent in my life and people that are close to me. I do not think that the environmental aspect will be as prominent because I don’t think we will have much of an environment. The technological aspect of globalization will be especially prominent when new phones are made and new ways to communicate are created. The economic aspect could affect me by the government introducing new currency. Culture could affect me by a new type of music becoming popular. My children’s educational experience would involve innovations in technology that enhance the learning experience. These innovations could include 360 vision or holograms. I connect globally to create change.