The Postwar Boom

The TV Guide

Introduced in 1953, the TV Guide started to out-sell other books and magazines. It included times for certain TV broadcasts, and TV news about celebrities. The cause of this was the boom of the television industry. These TV guides caused even more people to tune in and watch programs. This resulted in more television-related inventions, such as the TV dinner. Though most people now use the internet, TV Guide is still printed today, for the use of all Americans.

Planned Obsolescence

By the Mid-1950's, manufacturers came up with this new strategy: Planned Obsolescence. This designed products to become outdated in a short period of time. Companies came out with new products every year, and encouraged consumers to stay up to date. Americans then became more expectant of new products every year, and started throwing away barely used objects. This method of bursting the economy is still used today, often in electronics such as phones and computers.