The Internet

By: Jenna Phelan

Who invented the internet?

The internet was not invented by one person, like many inventions are, it was invented by a big university! Also it is not known where exactly the internet was officially invented. The university went through many steps to invent this technology that we use today. For example, Leonard Kleinrock had the initial idea of "Information Flow in Large Communication Nets" his titled paper in 1961. And then the idea of the internet kept flowing and getting bigger each day!

5 general facts about the internet:

1. The internet is actually pretty old, even though it is an advanced technology used today. Somewhere around 40 years is the internet's age.

2. The internet was invented during the Cold War.

3. It is regarded as the as the largest information base.

4. The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks.

5. Robert Taylor was one of the men who helped create the network.

Positives about the internet:


1. You can find information quickly

2. The internet provides communication

3. The internet provides

entertainment for people of all ages

4. You don't have to be constantly making

trips to the bank because of online banking.

Negatives about the internet:


1. Children often see bad pictures.

2. Some websites have false information.

3. No automatic filter system

4. Staring at the screen is bad for your eyesight,

and can result to expensive glasses.

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What could make this invention better?

I own this invention and know about the "negatives" above. To make this invention better, all inventors have to do is fix things that are negative about the internet. Like, making an automatic filter system that you can set up for kids. That fixes a common problem, kids seeing inappropriate pictures. Also, parents need to set a time limit for how long kids get to use the internet so they don't have to spend an enormous about of money on glasses. Another recent problem has been false information. Websites should change how you can get in to editing and putting untrue facts or opinions about a certain topic. That would be an easy fix that website owners could do right away.


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